About Tom Meek

Tom Meek

Tom Meek first began writing “About & Out”  in 2007 before becoming Editor of LAjazz.com in 2011, and President & Managing Editor in July, 2014. Tom is a Los Angeles-area native who grew up in Ohio with a father who was a noted regional swing drummer and a library of thousands of jazz and popular recordings.

He began working in radio at 11, as a coffee house DJ at 13, and as a commercial television producer at 15. In the late 1960’s Meek began listening to rock and jazz fusion with pioneering artists including Don Ellis, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra, and has remained a jazz, fusion and music aficionado since, with an emphasis on virtuosity.

In the 1970’s, Tom began producing what eventually became dozens of radio, television and video segments featuring live recordings and musician interviews, and expanded that to newspapers over the past decade. Meek began a television consulting practice in the mid-1980s, which has expanded to include other high-tech and IT areas with clients worldwide.

In the mid-1990’s Meek began exploring the possibilities of music and information distribution via the Internet. He has gone on to develop various Web sites, written extensively for Wikipedia and blogs about fusion and jazz music and musicians, and serves as a audio/video producer and consultant for musicians and events. Tom is also the editor of the Greatest Fusion Lists and Forums at DigitalDreamDoor.com. He is currently working on a music-related book and various music, production and consulting projects.

Tom’s emphasis at LAJazz.com is on what’s happening live and locally, and he is a frequent attendee at clubs and venues around Southern California to see some of the best music being made nightly anywhere on the planet.

Tom can be reached via e-mail at lajazzeditor@gmail.com

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  1. Sorry, I asked you already, but what do I write to others as to how to get your list sent to them? I receive your list so no need to add me again.
    Barbara Samuels


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